Mistake #23: Talking about the product; not letting the product speak for itself

I made another embarrassing mistake a few days ago. I got lost in the moment talking about CrowdRouser to a local university magazine. Instead, I should have been patient and waited for the product to speak for itself.

Upon reading the article, I realized how much I suck at giving an interview. I was overly verbose, offered impulsive responses and got caught saying a couple of dumb things (i.e. I don’t think cheerleaders are stupid, I promise). As I’ve mentioned before, I love talking about CrowdRouser to anyone willing to listen, but I have to be more careful.

I need to get past this whole “talking” phase. Yes, I’m building a product, but I need to relax. I just need to put my head down, work like a maniac and wait for a working instance of CR to speak for itself. That is to say, a working instance in which attendees at a particular live sporting event are able to successfully coordinate their crowd chants using the app.

In Brad Feld’s new book, Burning Entrepreneur – How to Launch, Fund, and Set Your Start-Up On Fire, he talks a bit about “silent killers”:

They don’t spend a lot of time trying to get written up in TechCrunch. They often aren’t based in the Bay Area. Their CEO’s don’t run around bloviating about what they are going to do some day. They just do it. And suddenly they are $10 million, or $20 million, or even $50 million revenue companies. Before anyone has really noticed. Without any real competition. They are the unambiguous and dominant market leader.

It doesn’t get much more clear than that — being a “silent killer” is the way to go.

Moving forward, no more bloviating. Time to let the product speak.

Take away: It’s easy to get excited about something you’re passionate about. Though, sometimes you must consciously harness that excitement. Relax. Keep plugging away. Overcome setbacks and let your product do the talking. If your product is any good, it will do an excellent job tacitly conveying its promise (certainly much better than you could through words).

2 thoughts on “Mistake #23: Talking about the product; not letting the product speak for itself

  1. Doug (warning – may become long winded due to nature of poster), this is a great rule to share with others! I can relate all too well to being too verbose and outwardly passionate about my line of work (commercial risk management, if you can imagine someone being passionate about that – no? Oh – right.), only to realize after the fact that the others in the ‘conversation’ weren’t actually quite as enthused about their business insurance. I found after *listening* that it was essentially because they hadn’t had the opportunity to experience what I was offering as a product, which is the only way they could have reaped the benefits, and maybe become mildly more passionate about it. So, I thank you for sharing your story, as I certainly benefited from your take-away, and I sincerely had an “LOL” experience upon reading the example of one of your slip-ups. Hysterical.
    So, this is where a normal person might stop and walk away, BUT – I should probably read your blog post again ;) – which after reading it, I couldn’t help having thoughts flying through my head for different events/markets out there for you to capitalize on to spread the hype of CrowdRouser through! My initial thought was as we approach Summer, college and profressional sporting events tapper down a bit, but what about ….
    1) Summer Concerts! More specifically, country summer concerts. B104.7 is putting on the Country Throwdown coming up on June 17th at the NYS Fairgrounds. You will find no loyaler fans that country music fans! Maybe talk to the radio station and/or the Fairgrounds to see if you can throw up signage? I’ll be there – I’ll help get it going! (Others that come to mind – Jason Aldean/Luke Bryant opening the Grandstand at the NYS Fair this year, Eric Chuch/Joe Nichols/Eli Young Band in Buffalo on June 1st; I’m sure there are be tons more around Upstate alone!)
    2) The Aziz Ansari’s stand up show tonight at the OnCenter presented by the SU Union – start a chant with “RAAAAAAAANDY!!!” (from the gorilla marketing for ‘Funny People’ – [inappropriate content warning] http://youtu.be/QYduKTRtXHE
    - Being the creator and innovator of CrowdRouser, I’m sure I’m just preaching to the choir. However, these ideas are pretty specific so figured I would give it a shot. Keep the blog posts coming! I love them! Talk to you soon, Doug!

  2. Thanks Ashlyn — I really appreciate the feedback. Let’s get coffee or a beer sometime soon. I’d like to learn more about your line of work and hear other ideas you have. Thanks!

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